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Leaving Lessons Behind

Howdy y'all (iykyk)! 🤠👍 

This week I had the chance to visit my former school by staying with my teacher bestie, and the event sparked a flood of reflections. I have a mix of longing to return to teaching and a deep gratitude for where I am now. 

I transitioned away from teaching nearly two years back, coinciding with a move to be closer to my husband. Our relationship had stretched across a two-hour distance, with weekends as our only bridge. Considering the high demand for teachers and the fact that my husband was still anchored in academia, relocating seemed the practical choice.

Reflecting on my five-year tenure in teaching, I realized I was encountering the all-too-common teacher burnout. As I planned the move, I also saw it as a moment to re-evaluate my career trajectory. I began to explore what opportunities were out there that could benefit from my experience and academic background. Let's explore the pros and cons that eventually shaped my decision.

The Pros:

One of the greatest joys of teaching (for me) was the creativity involved in lesson planning. Crafting those activities that not only educate but also engage students was something I truly cherished. I loved seeing the "aha!" moments—when a challenging concept finally clicked. And, of course, the relationships with students were priceless. Sharing stories, learning about their lives, and being part of their journey was incredibly rewarding.

Moreover, each year brought refinement to my craft. The resources and lessons I developed became a trove of tried-and-true educational tools that I could adapt and improve over time. There’s a certain rhythm you get into with teaching, and once you find it, the classroom can become an exhilarating place.

The Cons:

However, with the highs came the lows. The workload in teaching can feel Sisyphean. ⛰ Papers stack up, administrative tasks loom, and the expectation to juggle it all flawlessly is daunting. It often felt like a day was simply not enough to accomplish everything, leading to many late nights that blurred the line between dedication and exhaustion.

Then there's the element of systemic issues in education—the feeling that no matter how hard you work, the structure you're within is not entirely supportive. The push for grades over learning, the constant battle with smartphones for students' attention, and the immense pressure of standardized testing—it all takes a toll.

Leaving teaching has given me space to breathe and the ability to work on educational content without the pressing weight of those classroom walls. Yet, the impact of those years shapes how I approach my current role, still steeped in education but with a different perspective.

This visit has made it clear that while I may have left the classroom behind, the essence of teaching remains with me. It's about finding balance and recognizing that every decision—every pro and con—leads to new opportunities for growth and learning.

Stay sweet, my parakeets. 🦜


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