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My First Post - An Intro

Hello there!

I'm Daniela. Here I am, somewhat reluctantly, diving into my first blog post. I'm stepping into the world of blogging, understanding its importance for success on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), but feeling hesitant about revealing too much of myself. It's a bit outside my comfort zone, but it's part of my journey on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), where I'm carving out a new path for myself.

My journey began in Texas, where I taught Algebra and a bit of Geometry for five years. The highlight of my teaching career was the joy of designing educational materials, where my creativity truly shined. I loved spending hours on an activity that only got used once a year.

My decision to leave teaching wasn't easy. It was during this period of contemplation that I stumbled upon teacher discussions on TikTok. The platform was buzzing with educators sharing their experiences and alternative career paths, which greatly influenced my thinking and opened up new possibilities for me.

My reasons echoed what many teachers have expressed: the growing disrespect from students year after year and the intense pressure of teaching a subject that's constantly under the scrutiny of standardized testing. It was a tough environment, and while I thrived in the teaching moments, the grading and administrative tasks weighed heavily on me.

After leaving teaching, I found myself missing it more than I expected. It hit me one day – why not continue creating educational materials? This lightbulb moment led me to TPT, where I've started sharing my own resources. It's been an amazing experience so far, and I'm dreaming of turning this into my full-time job. For now, it's a fulfilling side hustle alongside my day job.

So, this blog? It's about sharing my journey, thoughts on teaching, and my Teachers Pay Teachers adventure. Excited to see where this goes!

Catch you later,

My First Post - An Intro My First Post - An Intro Reviewed by Daniela on January 21, 2024 Rating: 5

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